Skyway Flyer – The Wayfarers chords

Capo 5

Notes: The -*(Cadd9-Cadd9-Cadd9-Cadd9-C x2)* is optional, I think it soundsgood with it though. Each of those chords are strummed once in quick
succession (so 4 strums of Cadd9 followed by a C). INTRO G VERSE 1
GCome on lets runaway
GJump in the car and well drive all day
Em CInto the setting sun
GDo something that weve never done
GCome on cause the day is young
So many songs that can be sung
Em CYou make the sweetest sound
GThe wheels spinning round and round
D Em7 C-*(Cadd9-Cadd9-Cadd9-Cadd9-C x2)*Weve got the windows down
D Em7 C-*(Cadd9-Cadd9-Cadd9-Cadd9-C x2)*Well make it home somehow
D Em7 C-*(Cadd9-Cadd9-Cadd9-Cadd9-C x2)*No one can stop us now
D Em7They never will
C DOur luck is with us still
GAlways looks fuzzy from afar
EmDont close your eyes cause where you are
CIs here
DYou might just miss the moment
VERSE 2 (same as VERSE 1) Open road ever wandering A million miles never seemed a thing Whenever youre around Yeah lets take the long way down City lights bouncing off the sky Let you know that Im feeling fine Like there is nothing left Yeah except for whatย’s ahead PRECHORUS (Same as PRECHORUS 1) Weve got the windows down Well make it home somehow No one can stop us now They never will Our luck is with us still CHORUS (Same as CHORUS 1) Always looks funny from afar Dont close your eyes cause where you are Is here You might just miss the moment
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