Slade – Ooh La La In La chords

Hm GWhiplash in the dead of night,
A F#m Down on Sunset dynamite,
G Em ABlinding lights on the Marquee shining bright.
There's George on his knees again, On the town with Miss Zimmerman, Alert the media and then my friend. (Chorus)
Dm A# G DmOoh la la in L.A., Ooh la la in the U.S.A.
G Em AOne night stands with a one night band is this
Ooh la la in L.A., Ooh la la in the U.S.A. Making out every turned on a hit and miss. You see the food and you feel the force, B.L.T. and there ain't no sauce, You get enough to feed a horse that's true. Down at Barney's playing pool, Minnesota Fats is ulta cool, A load of balls make you look a fool then you. (Chorus) Runaway on the radio, A powerplay every hour or so, A never ending red eyed T.V. show.
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