Slaid Cleaves – Oh Roberta chords

[D]In days when I rode on the wind
[G] [D]I'd find a town, begin to look at life as green,
[A]New in town routine
[D]Just as I would settle in my
[G] [D]Feet would hit the ground again while wondering,
[A]for a different scene
[G] [D]Now my heels left the pedal feel the motor between my toes
[G] [D]You to think that I was something still something I supposess
[G] [D] [A]||But do you still see my silhouette when your lashes start to close I'd like to know, -i
[A] [D]Oh Roberta, where have you gone
All the nights when I'd be up to late And you'd catch me in my altered state of consciousness And I'd confess All my inner thoughts of fear and shame The way you spoke my name you'd boost my confidence like a soft caress
[G] [D]I'm hear clear left of center on the unrideable road
[G] [D]Wish I knew the way that I was supposed to go
[G] [D] [A]But I'm still the same old fool you used to know,
[A] [D]Oh Roberta where have you gone
[A] [D]It's been years since we said goodbye
[A] [D]Your cheeks were wet, my mouth was dry
[C] [G]And I recalled I never seen you cry before
[A] [G] [A] [D]Haven't seen you since I walked out your door
Well life's been up and down since then I think its moving up again thats life I guess A long sting of tests I don't look for you in other People like I used to do thats dangerous And my soul needs a rest
[G] [D]And I don't know what time it is or the town I'm sleeping in
[G] [D]Pray I might get frightened should I see your face again
[G] [D] [A]But I turn back on my heels and spin around
[A] [A]Oh Roberta where are you know
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