Slapshock - Direction Acoustic chords 
trip ko lang wala magawa ! hehe

Em -E (4x)

Verse 1

CmI need your own advice
G#mIm falling far behind
CmYou need to tell me now
G#m F#m G#m D E If im pushing you away
Verse 2 same chords as verse 1 I suffer with your dust Im burnin all your trust I can’t believe it’s true That i need you here to stay G#m Ab Bb (2x) Chorus
G#m CmI need your attention
G#m CmPoint me to the right direction
G#m CmI’ve made my decision
G#m CmPoint me to the right direction
G# Ab Bb (2x)Verse 3 same chords
Cm I’m looking in your eyes
G#mI’m reading all your lies
CmI pretend to be alright
G#,m F#m G#m D EBut it kills me down inside
Verse 4 same chords as Verse 1 I need to move away From the broken endless day When time is runnin out Can you help me once again [repeat chorus]
CmSo here i am
G#mTo my last stand
CmI’m tired to fall
G#mI’m tired to crawl
CmIt’s my goodbye
G#mTo one and all
CmJust like before
G#mAway from you
[repeat chorus] ROk ! ON
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