Slapshock – Walk Away chords

song; walk away
artist; slapshock
tuning; Drop D
submitted by; jilmark I. factor (jilmark_vampire)
text me; 09122116056
ym, fs and fb;

intro; E-C#-; (2x)

EYou've been way too cold
As my life unfolds
BI can't help it
EBut to walk away
With a bag of pain
BOn my shoulders
E C#Will you say before tonight
E C#While this world is not alright
EYou're dying to feel me
C#All your words they kill me
E C#You're watching my world go down
EI refuse to fight
You're my sleepless nights
BCan you hear me
EI seem to try to scream
Even in my dreams
BYou don't see me
-- repeat refrain -- -- repeat chorus 2x -- ad lib; E [BRIDGE]
C#Still we back again
GThe same mistakes again
C#It never seems to end
GIt's hard now don't pretend
C#I don't need you to believe me
GTears won't fall down in my eyes
C#Every day you try to consume me
GStill I stay right by your side
-- repeat chorus 2x --
E-C#-I'm dying in your world...
I'm dying in your world... I'm dying in your world... In your world...
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