Slash - By The Sword tab

I tabbed this out by ear to the best of my abilities; 
I threw the lyrics in there for the first verse for fun.  
Hope it helps, enjoy!

p=pull off
h=hammer on

Intro Riff/Outro Riff/Main Riff AE|--------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|G|--------------------------------|D|-------------------7------------|A|-------3-----------7------------|E|-0h3h5---5-5p3p0h3-5------------|
Verse 1: With the horses that you ride Verse 2: (Couldn't make out)
Verse 1: And the feelings left inside Verse 2: Anyone could let it go
Verse 1: Comes a time you need to Verse 2: And the people gather round
Verse 1: Leave all that behind Verse 2: for the last show For the chorus I play (all bar chords: D, Fm (at the 8th fret on the A string), Am, G Then the second time through after the G I move to a G#. (4th on the low E string, 6th on the A and D string for those that aren't as proficient with notes)
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