Slaves On Dope - Inches From The Mainline tab

Tabbed by - josh slee
Tuning - Drop D. D,a,d,g,b,e
Band - Slaves on dope
Song - inches from the mainline

i think this song sonds right, and i know that its not in a Drop D tuning but this way is so much easyer. 
i dont know if this is the whole song

Main riffe-----------------------------------------------------------|b-----------------------------------------------------------|g----------------------------5---------5-----7--------------|d---0--0--0---7--7---6---0---5---5--5--5-----7--------------|a---0--0--0---7--7---6---0---3---5--5--3-----5--------------|D---0--0--0---7--7---6---0-------5--5-----------------------|
And thats it. [i think it is] If this really sucks or you have any comments feel free to put them on here or email me at
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