Slayer - Psychopathy Red tab

Psychopathy Red - Slayer

This is my first tab, go easy.

Tabbed by sch1z0, 11/2/2008.

Tuning: Standard, half step down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)

h - Hammeron
p - pulloff
" - tremelo pick
(x) - note I add, or note I'm not sure about

Main Riff/Verses:Eb||------------|-------------|-----------------------||Bb||------------|-------------|-----------------------||Gb||------------|-------------|-----------------------||Db||------------|-------------|-----------------------||Ab||-----9h10p9-|------9h10p9-|----8h9p8h10p8h11(p8)--||Eb||-000--------|-000---------|-000-------------------||
A slight variation is played, just repeat the notes between the pipes once, then continue playing the riff that way. Chorus:
Repeat whatever amount of times you need to. Play main riff/verse with variation.
Bridge/Pre Solo:Eb||-------||Bb||-------||Gb||-------||Db||-------||Ab||-------||Eb||-00000-||
Repeat as necessary, pick slide, then play chorus. Solo: Flail on the strings on any fret past 12 with a lot of wah. :P Joking. Not good enough to tab it yet.
Second Main Riff: [play this once] [this is the second main riff]Eb||-------------------|------------------------------------------------------------||Bb||-------------------|------------------------------------------------------------||Gb||-------------------|------------------------------------------------------------||Db||-------------------|------8-7-4-5-------4-5-2-3-------8-7-4-5-------------------||Ab||-8h9p8h10p8h11(p8)-|------------------------------------------8h9p8h10p8h11(p8)-||Eb||-------------------|-00000---------00000---------00000--------------------------||
Then play chorus, and that's it. Hope you enjoyed.
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