Sleater-kinney - You Aint It tab

e |---------------------|B |---------------------|G |---------------------|D |-7-----6-------10----|A |-7-----6-------10----|E |-5(X5)-4(X5)---8(X16)| X2
Play This ^ During the “You Ain’t It” Chorus/Beginning/End bit
e |---------------------|B |---------------------|G |---------------------|D |-7-----6-------10----|A |-7-----6-------10----|E |-5(X8)-4(X8)---8(X16)| X4
Play this ^ (Slower than b4) During the verses.
e |------------------|B |------------------|G |------------------|D |-6-----7----------|A |-6-----7----------|E |-4(X8)—5(X8)------|
Play this this Extra Slow Thru the Slow/Bridge Bit Keep in mind Sleater-Kinney is two guitars, this has just been arranged for one. If u the rythym is wrong, its probably cos of that reason. But if u think its completlt the chords, Email me
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