Sleep For Sleepers - Love Is For The Foolish tab

Tabbed By Robert Owens
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Sleep For Sleepers is a Signed band I couldnt find there offical website
but check their myspace here:

NOTE: Now I know its not 100% but its pretty close. Sorry for not getting
100% but dont worry someone will kick this tab off!

Sleep for Sleepers - Love is for the Foolish

C# (Low E)
C# (High E)

C#\---7----7--------7------4---4----2--2----0-------------0-------0-|F#\-----------------------------------------------------------------|B \-----9---------9---9------4---4---4---4----4/6---6---6---6---6---|E \----------------------------4-------4----------4-----------------|G \----------7-----------------0-------0--------------0------0------|C#\---------------------------------------------------0------0------|
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