Sleep - The Druid tab version 3

Tuning: C F A# D# G c

Sorry not sure what the solo is, just shred out C minor pentatonic with some C natural 
minor and harmonic minor licks.

/ - Slide up
~ - Vibrato
pm - Palm Mute

Intro/Main Riff:

c -------------------------------------------------------------|G -------------------------------------------------------------|D# -----9--7-7/9~------9--9--7--7-7/9~------9--7-7/9--7/9~--7~--|A# -----9--7-7/9~------9--9--7--7-7/9~------9--7-7/9--5/7~--5~--|F -----7--5-5/7~------7--7--5--5-5/7~------7--5-5/7------------|C -00-------------00-------------------00----------------------| pm pm pm
Intro/Main Riff cont'd:
c -------------------------------------------------------------|G -------------------------------------------------------------|D# -----9--7-7/9~------9--9--5--5-5/9~------9--7-7/9------------|A# -----9--7-7/9~------9--9--5--5-5/9~------9--7-7/9--7---------|F -----7--5-5/7~------7--7--7--7-7/7~------7--5-5/7--7----8~---|C -00-------------00-------------------00------------5----6~---| pm pm pm
c -------------------|G -------------------|D# ----7--9~----(9~)--|A# ----7--9~----(9~)--|F -7--5--7~----(7~)--|C -5-----------------|
Back to the Main Riff On the last time on playing the Main Riff (before the bass groove) end with -
c --------|G --------|D# -----9--|A# -----9--|F -----7--|C -00-----| pm
SOLO: Play around in C minor pentatonic, natural minor, harmonic minor. The riff after the solo is a bit catchy, listen for the rhythm to get the timing. I think it goes like this:
c -------------------------------------------------------|G -------------------------------------------------------|D# -9--7--9--7--9--7-----------9--7--9--7--9--7--9--7~----|A# -9--7--9--7--9--7-----------9--7--9--7--9--7--7--5~----|F -7--5--7--5--7--5--8--7~----7--5--7--5--7--5-----------|C -------------------6--5~-------------------------------|
Then the song jumps back into the Main Riff, and slows down and ends on:
c -------------------|G -------------------|D# -----9----7----9---|A# -----9----7----9---|F -----7----5----7---|C -00----------------| pm
The song is pretty easy, just listen to the track and you can piece it together. Enjoy! Questions: E-mail me at
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