Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill tab version 1

			     RILL RILL - Sleigh Bells
Tabbed by: Richard

Tuning: Standard tuning (quarter step down - read notes)

Notes: Although this song sounds fine in standard tuning, if you don't want it to sound 
awful when playing along with the record you must tune your guitar 50 cents flat or to 
around 428hz.

This song only really has four chords in all (E, A and two small variants that add F# 
into the mix).

E Eadd9e|-0----------strum-----------0-2p0-strum-|B|-0----------strum-----------0-0-0-strum-|G|-1----------strum-----------1-1-1-strum-|D|-2----------strum-----------2-2-2-strum-|A|-2----------strum-----------2-2-2-strum-|E|-0----------strum-----------0-0-0-strum-| ^ listen to song for rhythm ^ pinky on e-2
A A6e|-5----------strum-----------5-5-5-strum-|B|-5----------strum-----------5-7p5-strum-|G|-6----------strum-----------6-6-6-strum-|D|-7----------strum-----------7-5h7-strum-|A|-7----------strum-----------7-7-7-strum-|E|-5----------strum-----------5-5-5-strum-| ^ listen to song for rhythm ^ pinky hammer from D-7 to B-7 and back
That's pretty much it - I don't have a great ear so I may be way off, but it sounds totally fine when played with the song. Thanks to the other two tabs for getting me started.
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