Slightly Stoopid - I Metal tab


I have been playing for about 6 years and this is my first attempt at a tab so
sorry if it sucks if its good or bad gimme some feedback.


e-----------------------------|B-----------------------------|G-----------------------------| x3D-9-------9-------9-----888---|A-9-------9-------9-----888---|E-7-77777-7-77777-7-777-666---| pm pm pm
on 4th
e----B----G----D-887 X4A-887E-665
intro 3x then... BreakDown
e--------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------|G--9999/11\9--7777/9\7--5555/7\5--4444/5/7---|D--xxxx x x--xxxx x x--xxxx x x--xxxx x x---|A--7777/9 \7--5555/7\5--3333/5\3--2222/3/5---|E--------------------------------------------|
Intro For The Rest
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