Slightly Stoopid - Wiseman tab version 3

hey i just found out about slightly stoopid while i was on youtube 
and wiseman was probably my favourite song that i listened to. 
i tried to find some decent tabs but none of them showed the intro. 
after about 2o minutes i figured it out so here it is!
standard tuning

|-----------------------------------------------------------||---5--5---------7-----7--7-----8-8-----5-----12---7-7---8-8||---5--5-----4---7-----7--7-----9-9-----5-----12---7-7---9-9||---5--5-----5---7-----7--7-----9-9-----5-----12---7-7---9-9||-33---------5-55---3/5-------77------33--1010---55----77---||---------33------------------------------------------------| after that just look at some other tab. they start here^ at 77enjoy :)
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