Slipknot – Scissors tab

Slipknot - Scissors
Tabbed By: Sqweeky

tuning = Drop D down 1 1/2 steps (B-F#-B-E-G#-C#) 

x - dont play that string 
/ - slide 
pm - palm mute 

Note: there are no 10's and 11's unless stated!!! 


E |-77777-| B |-xxxxx-| - tremelo pick this with a weak flanger effect. F#|-55555-|
Then comes in a second guitar
E |-7777777777777777-| B |-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-| - here, increase the flanger effect when the 6's are played F#|-55555555/6666666-|
Before the heavy part ("Broke away my tear spout...")
B |-7-7-7-7-| F#|---------|
The heavy part ("As i lie there whith my tongue spread wide open...")
B |-111-0-| F#|-111-0-| B |-111-0-|
The Chorus Riff ("Its hard to stay between the lines of skin...")
B |-021-021-00-5-05-01-| F#|-021-021-00-5-05-01-| B |-021-021-00-5-05-01-| pm --- --- -- - -
This riff comes in before "binding my time..."
B |-0000-01-| F#|-0000-01-| - followed by percussion sounds B |-0000-01-| pm ---- --
"Binding my time until the time is right"
B |-00-00-11-11-11-| F#|-00-00-11-11-11-| B |-00-00-11-11-11-|
The riff when he starts screaming after "Binding my time..."
B |-1--0-| F#|-1--0-| - let the chords ring B |-1--0-|
Then there is that noisefest part with feedback. Most notes resemble the intro so play around with that. Im sure its a random thing when the band plays it live (if they do...). It kinda reminds me of Kurt Cobain and his feedback-led solos. Towards the end ("I want my time.. Id rather die..."
B |-7-| F#|-7-| - this chord is played with flanger B |-7-|
"Need Time!" (when Corey goes all psyco!)
B |-00-00-| F#|-00-00-| - Just that chord B |-00-00-|
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