Slipknot – Interloper tab

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                               (6 string version)
                         This Score Tabbed By: Bill Dunn

Tuning: (6 string from low to high) B F# B E G# C# (Drop D then drop all strings
1 1/2 steps)

That was bad what i did.  I should have considered that most people dont own a 7
string.  I guess i tried to be professional about it concidering that most people
in the right state of mind wouldnt want to tune thier guitar that low.

  Gtr I

Riff 1: Intro, Played only once. ~~ E Q E Q E E +E E Q H E Q E Q E E +E E Q H|---------------|-------------|---------------|----------------||---------------|-------------|---------------|----------------||---------------|-------------|---------------|----------------||---------------|-------------|---------------|----------------||---------------|-------------|---------------|----------------||-0h1--0h1--0h1-|-(1)-0h1-----|-0h1--0h1--0h1-|-(1)-0h1---8----|
E Q E Q E E +E E Q H E Q E Q E E +E E Q Q Q|---------------|---------------|---------------|----------------||---------------|---------------|---------------|----------------||---------------|---------------|---------------|----------------||---------------|---------------|---------------|---------0--0---||---------------|---------------|---------------|---------0--0---||-0h1--0h1--0h1-|-(1)-0h1-------|-0h1--0h1--0h1-|-(1)-1h0-0--0---|
Riff 2: Main part played before verses, after intro, and in the end. Same as intro, only chords instead of notes, and the last measure of the intro are different.
~~ E Q E Q E E +E E Q H E Q E Q E E +E E Q H 4x||----------------|---------------|---------------|----------------||||----------------|---------------|---------------|----------------||||o---------------|---------------|---------------|---------------o||||o-0h1--0h1--0h1-|-(1)-0h1-------|-0h1--0h1--0h1-|-(1)-0h1--8----o||||--0h1--0h1--0h1-|-(1)-0h1-------|-0h1--0h1--0h1-|-(1)-0h1--8-----||||--0h1--0h1--0h1-|-(1)-0h1-------|-0h1--0h1--0h1-|-(1)-0h1--8-----||
Riff 3: First Verse and Chorus riff, Same note through the whole thing, but first a vibrato then a tremolo dip. Use that pattern however many times you need to before the first verse and first chorus are over.
\1 \1 ~~~ ~~~ H. Q W H. Q W||--15----------|-15---------|-15----------|-15------||||--------------|------------|-------------|---------||||o-------------|------------|-------------|--------o||||o-------------|------------|-------------|--------o||||--------------|------------|-------------|---------||||--------------|------------|-------------|---------||
Riff 4: Second Verse riff, still the same note, just with different variations on it. It's a long note held out until a upward bend, then a release. Repeat until 2nd verse is finished.
/ | W +W +W +H +H||--15--------|-(15)--------|-(15)--------|-(15)----(15)----||||------------|-------------|-------------|-----------------||||o-----------|-------------|-------------|----------------o||||o-----------|-------------|-------------|----------------o||||------------|-------------|-------------|-----------------||||------------|-------------|-------------|-----------------||
Riff 5: The pre-"as soon as that camera is off, he gonna f*ck that little doggy" riff, the name pretty much says it all. It's played before the sound clip, which is one hell of a comic relief.
H. Q +Q Q E Q. H. Q +Q Q E Q.||-------------|----------------|------------|----------------||||-------------|----------------|------------|----------------||||o------------|----------------|------------|---------------o||||o-2-------1--|-(1)--2--1h2----|-2-------1--|-(1)--2--1h2---o||||--2-------1--|-(1)--2--1h2----|-2-------1--|-(1)--2--1h2----||||--2-------1--|-(1)--2--1h2----|-2-------1--|-(1)--2--1h2----||
Riff 6: The Post "as soon as that camera is off, he gonna f*ck that little doggy" riff. This is played the last time around for the chorus, and through the end verse.
E Q E Q E E +E E Q H E Q E Q E E +E E Q H||----------------|---------------|---------------|---------------||||----------------|---------------|---------------|---------------||||o---------------|---------------|---------------|--------------o||||o-1h2--2p1--1h2-|-(2)-1h2--1----|-1h2--2p1--1h2-|-(2)-1h2--1---o||||--1h2--2p1--1h2-|-(2)-1h2--1----|-1h2--2p1--1h2-|-(2)-1h2--1----||||--1h2--2p1--1h2-|-(2)-1h2--1----|-1h2--2p1--1h2-|-(2)-1h2--1----||
Finally, between a few parts there are some harmonics played which are pretty easy muted notes. Not to hard to play. And that's all. I hope this helps you, and again, im sorry for not publishing this version earlier. -Bill *************************************************************************************** * Generated using Power Tab Editor by Brad Larsen - * ***************************************************************************************
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