Sloan – I Can Feel It tab

     Band: Sloan
     Song: I Can Feel It
    Album: Twice Removed

Tabbed By: Andrew Parker
      Age: 16
     Band: Tabzero
    Genre: Punk/Alt Rock

I decided that there was not one good tab for this song, other tabs have the chords 
I figured it out.
This Tab contains the second guitar.

h=Hammer on
p=pull off


Rythym Guitar (Chords)

    Cadd9   G     E     F

Listen For Rythym Lead Guitar (slides alot)
C G E F|-----------------------------------------------------||-----13-13--12--12--10-13--12---12-12--10---10h12p10-||-----12-12--12--12--12-12--9----9--9---10------------||-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------|
C G E F|-----------------------------------------------------||-----13-13--12--12--10-13-12---12-12--10--------10---||-----12-12--12--12--12-12-9----9--9---10---10h12--10-||-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------|
F FMaj7|---------------13---15-13--12---||-----------10--------------13---||-10---10h12--10-----------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------|
Verse (Chords) FMaj7 Cadd9 B m7 E7
Chorus (Chords) A Bm D D
BRIDGE (same as Chorus) Alternate Intro Second Guitar
Cadd9 G E F|-------------------------------------------------------||-----13-13--12--12--10-13-12---12-----10-10---10h12p10-||-----12-12--12--12--12-12-9------9----10---10----------||-------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------|
Cadd9 G E F|--------------------------------------------------||-----13-13--12------10-13---12--12----10h12-10----||-12--12-12--12------12-12-9----9----10--------10--||-14-----------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------|
F FMaj7|--------------13---15----15--||-----10-10-------------13----||10h12-----10-----------------||-----------------------------||-----------------------------||-----------------------------|
SONG ORDER: INTRO VERSE CHORUS VERSE (NO LYRICS) VERSE CHORUS BRIDGE INTRO VERSE LYRICS: INTRO VERSE She came runnin' I hate everything that came before me Crush I'm breakin' under the crush Don't ignore me 'Cause you know I can always make it louder Three Three's nothin' out of ten CHORUS But you've got a thing for me I can feel it, I can feel it And I've got a thing for you, too You can have it, you can have it VERSE (NO LYRICS) VERSE I've been runnin' Just to get away from what's inside me Rush I'm drownin' under the rush Happy birthday To the best brother in the world Hooray At least I'm still cool to one girl CHORUS But you've got a thing for me I can feel it, I can feel it And I've got a thing for you, too You can have it, you can have it You've got a thing for me I can feel it, I can feel it And I've got a thing for you, too You can have it BRIDGE No strings attached No copy to match No drift to catch No plans to hatch No itch to scratch Just infatuation Is all you need ALTERNATE INTRO VERSE You could tell a million lies And I'd think they all were true Trust That's my trust in you It's what I value And it's what I refuse to lose You've got a thing for me And I've got a thing for you, too Thats All. don't forget to check out my band,
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