Sloan – The Good In Everyone tab

The Good In Everyone - Sloan

B5  - 799xxx
A5  - 577xxx
D#5 - x688xx
A#5 - 688xxx
C#5 - x466xx
G#5 - 466xxx


"Would you please welcome to the stage, Sloan!"

B5 A5 B5 A5 B5 A5 B5 Verse 1: (spacing here is approximate) B5 A5 B5 A5 First off, here's what you do to me B5 A5 B5 A5 You get rough, attack my self-esteem B5 A5 B5 A5 It's not much, but it's the best I've got B5 A5 B5 A5 And I thought you saw the good in everyone Chorus: D#5 A#5 Ooh, the good in everyone C#5 G#5 You see the good in everyone D#5 A#5 C#5 (Fill) G#5 Ooh, the good in everyone
B5 A5 B5 A5 B5 A5 B5 A5 Verse 2: (with a different rhythm! They are just strummed in triplets this time.) I close my eyes, I can't give it up I close my mind, I can't get enough I'm in no shape, I gotta turn it on Just let it play, the good in everyone Solo: This is probably not right. It sounds like there is lots of distortion and a wah-wah thingy, but I don't know because I only have my acoustic guitar. So this is the best I could come up with.
D#5 A#5 C#5 G#5E|--11~~~~------9~~~~~-------|B|--------11~~~~------9~~~~~-|G|--8~~~~~------6~~~~~-------|D|--------8~~~~~------6~~~~~-|A|---------------------------|E|---------------------------|
Chorus 2: Ooh, the good in everyone You see the good in everyone You see the good in everyone You see the good in everyone Ooh, the good in everyone, yeah Outro: same as intro B5 (slide down) (various cheering noises, girls yelling "Chris!", the band talking, playing around with the B chord, at the end there is a B5-E5-B5 thing)
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