Slough Feg - Baltechs Lament chords

I dont have tab but i have chords
I had to figure this out by ear.
I didnt pay attention to the fingerpicking and cool stuff he does but the chords are tiggght

Eb F F# BRelease the spores
Eb F F# BAll's lost and there's nothing gained
Eb F F# BYour time is through
Eb F F# BChasing a worthless fate
Eb F F# B (B power chord on A string 14th fret)Wasting your mind,
Eb F F# Brotting inside
(This one lyric I dont know the chords for. But it ends on Eb)
Eb F F# BAll of the dreams for your life now have died
Eb F F# BAlien mind, ancestral memories
Eb F F# BReleased in time
Eb F F# BProgress and savagery
Eb F F# BScavenging waste, conquest in space
Eb F F# BAll of the memories of life gone to waste
Eb F F# BFirst in a line
Eb F F# BHeading towards mastery
Eb F F# BWhy waste your time?
Eb F F# BSeeking out clemency
Eb F F# BYou're left behind
Eb F F# BBody and mind
Eb F F# BAll those before you, just slaves to the grind
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