Slow Club - Because Were Dead chords

Resubmitting to put it under the correct artist name, this isn't mine.

Well, I doooooon't

Know what I'm doing here
FI could say
CThat I do
FBut I don't
Bb CYou could wrap a million candles
F Dm Bb C F Into a torch and hope that it stears you home
F C FYou could cut all the telephone wires
F C FAnd hope that nobody does get through
Bb CI might not have the power
F DmOf telepathy
Bb C F But, I'm gonna be contacting you
F C F Because i borrowed a book that I saw
F C F Was planted deep inside your bag
Bb C It gave me an excuse
F Dm To see you again
Bb CBut I'm not a theif
F I'll give it back
F C F Don't you ever wonder
F C FWho's living in that house
Bb CIt's too small for people
F DmWe all said
Bb C F But there's people in the floorboards said the mouse
F C FAnd I showed you the things that I'd made
F C FYou didn't think that they were too great
Bb CBut I'm glad that you thought of it
F DmThink what you're taught
Bb C F Because everybody else's mind is grey
F C FWe kept up the act for, two-o-o-o-o
F C FDates before it needed blue
Bb C I didn't drink what you drank
F DmYou didn't sink when I sank
Bb C FSo, there's little else for us to do
Don't you ever wonder Who's living in that house It's too small for people We all said But there's people in the floorboards said the mouse Said the mouse
F C FI didn't say, Goodbye today
F C FOh, I did it, The cowards way
Bb CI tied it to the net, girl
F DmTo see where it gets
Bb C To go sailing on
FDown your way
F C FBut you poured petrol all over
F C FThe ship you used to sail the sea
Bb C F Dm You didn't think that you'd be coming home again
Bb C F So, you said Bye to me
F C F Don't you ever ponder
F C FOn things we never said
Bb CYes I did
F DmBut when we were kids
Bb CNow it's too late
F CBecause we're dead
F CBecause we're dead
F CBecause we're dead
FBecause we're deeeeeeeeaaaad
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