Slowblow - Aim For A Smile chords

Em Em7 C Hsus4 Am I've seen death as it sneaked up behind you
Em C Hsus4 Patiently taking its aim
As it aimed for the spark in your eyes Resistance from here looked so lame
C G Am EmWhat used to scare me is not worth one thought
C G Hsus4As i cling the memory of
Pitch black coffee and cigarette used While i aimed for a smile on your face I tried to sit straight up the side of your bed And pour my thoughts straight down the drain When it pours i'd much rather get wet Than to shelter my thoughts from the rain While i chill my guitar to your amplified breath And hum away thoughts of your death All i got left is one awkward embrace My last aim for a smile on your face Em7: 022030 Hsus4: x24400
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