Slowdive – Visions Of La tab

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		'Visions of La' - Slowdive
                 from the album 'Pygmalion'

 (sure its simple, but with a voice like Rachels the wise guitar
  player stays out of the way)

          the following is played during each verse

Dm Am Am Dm Dm --1--0--------0------------0-----------1--0--1---| --3-----3-----1------------1--------1--3-----3---| --2--------2--2----2-------2--0--2-----2-----2---| --0-----------2------------2-----------0-----0---| --------------0------------0---------------------| -------------------------------------------------|
these chords are played as the song fades out
F C F C ---1------0------1------0---| ---3------1------3------1---| ---3------0------3------0---| ---0------2------0------2---| ----------3-------------3---| ----------------------------|
********** lyrics ********** (intro - play verse progression twice) sits down by the fire ease his worried mind if only i could try reach the light inside (play verse progression twice) feels so hard to say chase his fears away know that i won't try catch his dreams today (play fadeout chords) ....questions, comments to
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