Slowdive – Rutti tab
From: "Stephen Cummings" 


Intro: Basically an Am7 to an Am (something) to an Am0---0---0---0-|1---3---3---1-|0---2---2---2-|2---2---2---2-|0---0---0---0-|0---0---0---0-|
The Main Riff which goes right through the song
this is basically repeated over and over, although there are occasional times when there is a slight and subtle change whereby the last two chords (007700 and 005500) are played again before returning to the start of the riff and a subtle change whereby the first chord changes to (077700), If you play the song and listen out for it you'll hear it. I haven't indicated above how many times each chord is played either. Just listen to the CD, it's quite straightforward. the lead guitar line that floats in is really simple
5-----5-----5-----5-----7-----7-----7-----7----|--5-----5-----5-----5-----5-----5-----5-----5--|----0-----0----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-| and back to the start-----------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------|
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