Slowdive – Allison chords

tab by: Carlos Bustos
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Don't really know there names.
So A and B will do.
It's really just bare chords with the e and B string open.

lotsa reverb and some modulation stuff.

A B E De ||---0-----0-----0-----2-|B ||---0-----0-----0-----3-|G ||---6-----8-----1-----2-|D ||---7-----9-----2-----0-|A ||---7-----9-----2-----x-|E ||---5-----7-----0-----x-|
"Alison" by Slowdive Intro: A B
A Blisten close and don't be stoned
Ai'll be here in the morning
Bcause i'm just floating
A Bwhile your cigarette still burns
Ayour messed up world will thrill me
Balison i'm lost
E Aalison i said we're sinking
E Athere's nothing here but that's okay
E Aoutside your room your sister's spinning
D Abut she laughs and tells me she's just fine
B Ai guess she's out there somewhere
E and the sailors they strike poses tv covered walls... . . ... answer slowly with your talking and your pills your messed up life still thrills me alison i'm lost alison i'll drink your wine i'll wear your clothes when we're both high alison i said we're sinking but she laughs and tells me it's just fine i guess she's out there somewhere
E A until fade>
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