Small Brown Bike – Now Im A Shadow tab

Small Brown Bike - Now I'm A Shadow

Off The Casket Lottery split out on Second Nature Recordings
Tabbed by Scot Thompson

/ = slide 
D-drop (duh) 

1st part guitar 1 -------------------------- -----7-----7-----7--4-4-4- -3/4---3/4---3/4---6-6-6-- -------------------------- -------------------------- --------------------------
guitar 2 -------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- -22-22-22-22---666-666---- -22-22-22-22---666-666---- -22-22-22-22---666-666----
2nd part guitar 1 ? it might just be the same thing as above but i couldn't quite say right now
guitar 2 11-9-11-7-11-6-7---------- -x-x-x--x--x-x-x---------- -8-6-8--4--8-3-4---------- -------------------------- -------------------------- --------------------------
the rest is up to you. If you don't have the Small Brown Bike/Casket Lottery split yet, your an idiot. It's one of the best splits i've ever boughten. Just pick the damn thing up. I figured i'd get atleast this much up so it gives you all some ideas. I saw them play this live so i know atleast the 1st guitar part is right. They fuckin' rock live! GO SEE THEM! I might do the rest someday, but i'm tired. Scot
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