Small Faces - Ive Got Mine tab

I’ve Got Mine

I just sit here everyday 
wondering what you’ll have to say
But you read this letter
‘Cause I just wrote her that I’m fine 
Between the lines she’ll know I’m crying
Can’t forget her

And it’s hurting, yes it’s hurting
Deep inside but no one knows

                E                  A
‘Cause I’ve got mine baby (you get yours)
               E             A
Everyday I got mine (you get yours)

What’s the use of being down,
I should be making like a clown 
But how can I tell her?

That I can’t live my life without her
Stop myself from thinkin’ of her
How can I tell her?

Bridge + Chorus

Everyday, baby, don’t you know that I’ve got mine
You get yours, everyday, hear what I say

Instrumental bridge + Chorus

I trancribed the lyrics myself and they are not so good. 
If someoneknows the actual lyrics plese mail me in order for me to edit it. 

by: José Duarte
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