Small Faces - Undserstanding tab


A    G   D    A     
Lala la, lala la  (2X)

A                       G
When people ask me what love's all about
        D               A
There's one thing I can say
A                   G
Some people believe just what I'm putting down
D   			  A
Understand your troubles away

           F#m                D
You got to do this thing with feeling
           F#m                D
You got to know just what I'm meaning
          F#m                   D
You gotta believe just what I'm handing
     A              D               A              D
Understanding (understanding), understanding (understanding)

Intro + Chorus

You see I love this life I lead
And I wanna love it with you
But people you don't understand just what I'm putting down
There's no more I can do


by: Josť Duarte
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