Small Faces – Talk To You tab

tabbed by Xander Ramage

[riff 1]e|---0-x--4-----|---0-x--4-----|B|---0-x--------|---0-x--------|G|---1-x-4--4-2-|---1-x-4--4-2-|D|---2-x--------|---2-x--------|A|---2-x--------|---2-x--------|E|-0-0-x--------|-0-0-x--------|
[riff 2]e|---0-x---0-------0-----|B|---0-x-------0-------0-|G|---1-x-4---4---2---2---|D|---2-x-----------------|A|---2-x-----------------|E|-0-0-x-----------------|
[riff 3]e|---0-x---------|---x-0-------|B|---0-x---------|---x-2-------|G|---1-x---------|---x-2-------|D|---2-x---------|-5-x-2-----0-|A|---2-x---5---5-|-5-x-0-0h2---|E|-0-0-x-7---5---|-3-x-0-------|
[riff 4]e|---0-x---------|---x-0---------|B|---0-x---------|---x-2---------|G|---1-x---------|---x-2---------|D|---2-x---------|-5-x-2---------|A|---2-x---5---5-|-5-x-0-0h2—0h2-|E|-0-0-x-7---5---|-3-x-0---------|
[riff 5]e|---0-x-------2-----|B|---0-x-------4-----|G|---1-x-------4-----|D|---2-x---2---4-----|A|---2-x-2---0-2---0-|E|-0-0-x-------x-----|
Intro Riff 1 Riff 2 Riff 1 It’s been three months since I was last with you Ha! Riff 2 Riff 1 So many people try and stop me getting through Riff 3 The doorman he just laughed (he just laughed) Riff 4 But I don’t want no autograph (autograph) Riff 5 All I want to do is talk to you Riff 1 Riff 2 Riff 1 Y’know I couldn’t stop you doing things you wanted to do Riff 2 Riff 1 But now it’s gone to far, it looks like I’m losing you Riff 3 But I don’t want sympathy (Sympathy) Riff 4 But please don’t turn your back on me (Back on me) Riff 5 All I want to do is talk to you Riff 1 C#m I’ve gotta talk to you B Gotta make you see C#m Just how very much A B You mean – you mean to me yeah yeah yeah! Riff 1 Riff 2 Would it be too much to try and jog your memory Riff 1 You remember me baby Riff 2 riff 1 I hope I’m still part of your history Riff 3 But I don’t wanna share your car (Share your car) Riff 4 Or stop you being a star (being a star) Riff 5 All I want to do is talk to you Riff 1 into fade
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