Small Faces – Itchygoo Park tab

itchygoo park
introA F#m-----0-X-----0-X------2-X-----2-X-|-----2-X-----2-X------2-X-----2-X-|-----2-X-----2-X------2-X-----2-X-|---2-------2----------------------|---0-------0----------------------|-0-------0-------0--2-----0-2-----|
verses A C#m (1)over bridge of sighs (2)tell you what ill do (what will you do) G D Dsus4 D Dsus4 to rest my eyes in shades of green id like to go there now with you A C#m under dreaming spires you can miss out school (wont that be cool) G Dsus4 D to itchygoo park thats were ive been why go to learn the words of fools pre chorus A G D Dsus4 (1)what did you do there (i got high) (2)what will we do there (well get high) what did you feel there (well i tried) what will we touch there (well touch the sky) but why the tears there (ill tell you why) chorus A F#m (D) its all to beautiful
bridge A C Dsus4 D A------------------------------------3---0-2----------------|---2---2----------5-------5---5---3-----------2---2---2----|-----2------2-------5--------------------------------------|--------------2-------5---------0-----0--------------------|-0--------0-------------0---0---------------0---0---0---0--|----------------3------------------------------------------|i feel inclided to blow my mind get hung up not feed the ducks without bun
A C Dsus4 D E---9---9---9-----8-----8-------3---0-2-0-|-----------------------------3---------0-|-9---9---9---9-9---9-9---9-------------1-|---------------------------0-----0-----2-|---------------------------------------2-|---------------------------------------0-|they all come out to groove about while i search have fun in the sun
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