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Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 14:16:34 -0400
From: Jeff Townsend 
Subject: s/smalltown_poets/if_you_let_me_love_you.crd

Artist: Smalltown Poets
Song: If You Let Me Love You
Submitter: Casey Townsend
Transcriber: Bert Hatch
>From the self titled album: Smalltown Poets
Copyright 1997 on Forefront records
The beat of this song is just a steady down-up-down-up stroke with mutes at every third stroke:  \/ = down 
/\ = up  \(mute)/ down & mute
(i.e. \/  /\  \(mute)/ /\  \/  /\ \(mute)/)
Play comfortably fast


G             D       Em         C     G    D  Em  C
I don't know what to do to ease your mind
G             D       Em       C       G    D  Em  C
Don't have a perfect word to make it fine
G          D      Em     C       G
I'm not so qualified for sympathy
D       Em       C      G
Still I am not without love

(second verse is the same as the first)

Psalm #4 falls on your grieving ear,
Yes I believe the peace of Christ is here
And I'm here in His name,
You'd do the same, you'd do the same, you'd do the same

C              G
If you let me close
C        D    Em    C
Closer than a brother
Em              D                        Cadd9
If you let me love you we'll sit here and cry
G  D     Em      C      G
[:         If you let me love you :]

Never failing; ever hoping
Seeking to preserve
It always is giving
Often beyond words
And when there's nothing left to
Say, love has a voice,
D		Am
So in sorrow, and in heart ache
There's a greater joy.
(repeat first verse and chorus)
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