Smash Mouth - Quality Control chords

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BAND: Smash Mouth
TITLE: Quality Control
ALBUM: Summer Girl

All the verses are the same and you pick the chord shapes.
The chorus is power chords.


F#They’ve swept up the rubbish
DAnd took out the garbage
B DNo more noise pollution in the air
Just smog
F#Well sooner than later
DUnder the radar
B DThey're starting a revolution off the air
F#5 E5 A5 B5C.C. I've got your quality control
They’ve cleared up the channels, program and progress If you haven't noticed you have just been whored And turned out Behind the receiver The silver deceiver Well we ain't bending over anymore We've tuned out CHORUS Goin' to bed with an industry death wish On an idolless pillow Sleeping with the fish The lottery winners they're all talkin' But sayin' nothin' and soon they’ll be walkin' They’ve swept up the rubbish And took out the garbage Program and progress If you didn’t notice Sooner than later, under the radar We’re starting a revolution off the air
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