Smash Mouth - Dear Inez chords

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BAND: Smash Mouth
TITLE: Dear Inez
ALBUM: Walkin' On The Sun (CD Single)

Tune down a step. (At least for the power chords, unless you want
to play the ska riffs even higher on the fretboard, otherwise the ska chords
are listed in REGULAR tuning.)

C  - xxx988
G# - xxx544

G#5 - x133xx
Bb5 - x355xx
F5  - 355xxx
D#5 - 133xxx

C G# Dear Inez
C G# Your exterior is so cold
C G# Your story's been told
C I've heard it before
C G# You wanna get out
C G# Don't wanna be down
C G# Tied to the ground
C G#5 You wanna slip out
Bb5 F5 G#5 Bb5 You wanna go and have your fun
F5 G#5 Bb5 You got a son
F5 G#5 You don't want none
VERSE: Don't wanna be part Your breaking my heart As he wanders off He ain't got none Dear Inez The kid is trouble at trouble He's gonna push, all around CHORUS: You wanna go and do your thing You never have a wedding ring You got something BRIDGE:
G5 D#5 F5 G5 Why's everything so rough
D#5 F5 G5 Why's everything so hard
D#5 F5 G#5 C5 G#5 Why's everyone so wrong
VERSE: It's not me You gotta believe I know who you love I only know how to push and shove Give me a break All I have I have to take Never a hand out You think you have me figured out This is what I'm all about CHORUS: You wanna go and have your fun You never think of anyone Don't do nothing BRIDGE: Why's everything so rough Why's everything so hard Why's everyone so wrong
C5 G#5So wrong
C5 G#5So wrong
C#5So wrong
INSTRUMENTAL BRIDGE: Don't know yet. VERSE: Dear Inez Your exterior is so cold Dear Inez there's something about you You wanna go and have your fun You got a son You don't want none OUTRO:
BbI've been there I'm trying and I don't give a damn
I'm gonna cash my checks Money in my hands No thanks the world is okay by me
G#5If your gonna blame it on society
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