Smash – Let Me Be Your Star chords

Let Me Be Your Star

Intro: F# Bm/C x2

F#Fade in on a girl
D#mWith a hunger for fame
B Bm F# A#mAnd a face and a name to remember.
D#mThe past fades away
BBecause as of this day
ENorma Jean's gone,
Bm/C She's moving on.
F#Her smile and your fantasies
A#dimPlay a duet
B That will make you forget
E BWhere you are.
F# A#mThe music starts playing
D#mIt's the beat of her heart saying,
E B F# Bm/C F# Bm/C"Let me be your star."
F#Flash back to a girl
D#mWith a song in her heart
B Bm F# A#mAs she's waiting to start the adventure.
D#mThe fire and drive
BThat make dreams come alive,
EThey fill her soul.
Bm/CShe's in control.
F#The drama, the laughter,
A#dimThe tears just like pearls.
B E BWell, they're all in this girl's repertoire.
F# A#mIt's all for the taking,
D#mAnd it's magic we'll be making.
E B F# Bm/C F#Let me be your star.
A#I'll just have to forget the hurt that came before,
F#MForget what used to be.
B G#mThe past is on the cutting room floor,
B C7 C#The future is here with me.
D7Choose me!
GFade up on a star
EmWith it all in her sights:
C CmAll the love and the lights
G BmThat surround her.
EmSomeday she'll think twice
COf the dues and the price
FShe'll have to pay
(She'll have to pay)
Cm/DbBut not today
(But not today)
GThen she'll do all she can
BdimFor the love of one man
C F CAnd for millions who look from afar.
G BmAnd what you've been needing
EmIs all here and my heart's pleading.
F C G Cm/Db G Cm/Db G Cm/Db GLet me be your star!
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