Smashing Pumpkins – Slow Dawn tab

This is one of the only songs off of Machina II that I like and was very dissapointed 
I couldn't find a tab for it, and couldn't figure it
out. I realized how to play it when I was playing a different song in
OPEN D tuning. I then realized that if I put capo on the 1st fret it was definately the 
tuning. You could also just tune to OPEN E FLAT, but I suggest using open d and a capo. 
also not sure about the chorus but it's
close and I don't know all of the chords in this tuning. If you play it a
different way pleasee-mail me at
PS this is my first tab, it seems like everyone says that so I'll be
a conformist.

Tuning:Open D(D,A,D,F#,A,D)with capo on 1st fret. PREFFERED.
       Open Eb(Eb,Bb,Eb,G,Bb,Eb)


Notes: I don't know how to play the solo, if anyone does please post it or e-mail me. When you play these chords don't violently strum all the strings at once. Start each now chord with an up-stroke. The last chord in the chorus only play once, wait...then start again with the verse. Thanks and enjoy.
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