Smashing Pumpkins - Eye tab

ARTIST: Smashing Pumpkins w/Manson on vocals
I'v seen alot of tabs for this song but not one of them have the intro correct so here's 
correct way to play the intro that note for note sounds just like how they played it live.

Tune the geetar down 1/2 step(Eb)- this goes for 90% of all pumpkins tunes.


eb:------------------0---------|bb:----1---0-1---1--6--6---6---|gb:------2-----2---0------5--6-| Repeated thru versedb:----------------------0-----|ab:0-0-------------------------|Eb:----------------------------|
Pre-Choruseb------------------------------------------------|bb------------------------------------------------|gb------0-----0---0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0---|db----0-----0---------0-----0---------0-----0-----|ab--8-----8-----8---7-----7-----7---3-----3-----3-|Eb------------------------------------------------|("Turn to the gates of Heaven...")
Then theres the chorus and the solo's which others have done a very accurate job at tabbing. any Q's comments E-mail=
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