Smashing Pumpkins - La Dolly Vita tab

La Dolly Vita

By: Smashing Pumpkins

Transcribed by: Rowland Chambers

	This is my first attempt at tabbing, sorry for any screw ups. This sounds right to me, when I play it 
the cd, but I could still be wrong.

Tuning is standard

Rhythm Guitar

And this is the solo
----------------------------------------------------------------------|---6/8~ 6/8-10-12h13\(12)-10/12-10\8-8\6-6\5-5\3-2\1/3----------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Thats about all of it I know, execept there is this part that is using a slide but i donmt have onew and i dont know it. Thank you for bothering to look at my crappy tab. -Rowland Chambers questions, comments, gripes, corrections:
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