Smashing Pumpkins - Not Worth Asking tab

Not Worth Asking by The Smashing Pumpkins
From the I Am One 7" (although I downloaded it in mp3 form)
Tabbed by Patrick Vacek, with much assistance from Chris Shaw
Standard Tuning

Note that I am too lazy to tab the rhythm.

Introe|------------|B|--(7)--(8)--|G|---7----9---|D|---5----7---|A|---7----8---|E|------------| x4
Verse - repeat 2 timese|------------| |-----------|B|--(7)--(8)--| |--(10)-----|G|---7----9---| |---11------|D|---5----7---| |---9-------|A|---7----8---| |---10------|E|------------| x3 |-----------|
Bridgee|------------|B|--(8)-------|G|---9--------|D|---7--------|A|---8--------|E|------------| x2
Then there is a short interlude (no guitar). Repeat verse riff three times and then the bridge.
Choruse|---0----3-----------|B|---1----3---(8)-----|G|---2----0----9------|D|---2----0----7------|A|---0----2----8------|E|--------3-----------| x4
Immediately after the chorus repeat the intro. Repeat verse riff (twice) Repeat chorus x4
Pre-Choruse|-----------------------| |-------------------------|B|--(8)--(10)---1---(7)--| |--(8)--(10)---1---(7)(10)|G|---9----11----2----7---| |---9----11----2----7--11-|D|---7----9-----2----5---| |---7----9-----2----5--9--|A|---8----10----0----7---| |---8----10----0----7--10-|E|-----------------------| x3 |-------------------------|
Repeat chorus x4 and end on an Em9.
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