Smashing Pumpkins - The Rose March chords

Song: The Rose March
Artist: Smashing Pumpkins
Album: American Gothic EP

Tuning: Standard [EADGBe]
Capo on 5th fret.

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Play through theis section 4 times, but don't sing on the first.
La da da dae|--------------------------------------------|B|--------------3-----------3-----------------|G|----------0-----------0-----------0---------|D|------2-----------4-----------0-------------|A|--------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------|
La da daaa daaa e|--------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------|G|--------------0-----------0-----------------|D|----------0-----------0-----------0---------|A|------0-----------3-------------------------|E|------------------------------2-------------|
Laaa la la e|--------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------|G|--------------0-----------0-----------------|D|----------0-----------0-----------0---------|A|------------------0-----------3-------------|E|------2-------------------------------------|
On the fourth time through in the last bar, play;
Laaa la la e|--------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------|G|--------------0------------0----------------|D|----------0-----------0--------3~-----------| [let it ring]A|------------------0-------------------------|E|------2-------------------------------------|
[The first strum of each beat should be the loudest. I strum like so; Vv^v^ (DOWN down up down up) for each chord Personally when I play a D chord I add a bit of vibrato on the B string]
G C Cmaj7 Asus2Slowpoked
D C And cross-eyed
Cmaj7 Em D Dsus4 Pigeon-toed to the railroad ties
G C Cmaj7 Asus2 Humpbacked
D CAnd sugar shacked
Cmaj7 Em Shotgun wed to
D Dsus4The poison of our past
C CmajA little longer
Em D A little longer to go
C Cmaj7You've a little longer
Em DA little longer to go
D Dsus4I just can't help say so
G C Cmaj7
Asus2 DCan't you see me
C Cmaj7 Em
D Dsus4Can't you see me at all
G C Cmaj7 Asus2Inner-spaced
D C And pie-faced
Cmaj7 EmYou catch the moon
I'll just stand here and run in place
G C Cmaj7 Asus2Shell-shocked
D C And half-cocked
Cmaj7 Em D Dsus4The universe is full of black holes, and anniversary knots
C Cmaj
Em D A little longer to go
C Cmaj7 You've a little longer
Em D A little longer to go
D EmYou've a little longer to go
Em C
DCan't you see me at all
Em CCan't you see me
DCan't you see me at all
Em CCan't you see me
DCan't you see me
D D Em C [strum each chord once]Can't you see me at all
[Play the intro tab to the end] I'll lay roses at your feet Till you decide there is something great in you I'll lay roses at your feet Till you decide there is something great in you La da da La da da da da We've only just begun to grieve the space We've only just begun to grieve the space, the space We've only just begun to grieve the space, the space We've only just begun to [End with;]
grieve thee|--------------------------------------------|B|--------------3-----------3-----------------|G|----------0-----------0-----------0---------|D|------2-----------4-----------0-------------|A|--------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------|
space thee|--------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------|G|--------------0-----------0-----------------|D|----------0-----------0-----------0---------|A|------0-----------3-------------------------|E|------------------------------2-------------|
spacee|--------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------|E|------0~------------------------------------| [Let it ring]
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