Smashing Pumpkins - Said Sadly chords

Smashing Pumpkins...Said Sadly

From the 1995 single "Bullet with Butterfly Wings". Written by 
James Iha; it is a duet between James and Nina Gordon from
Veruca Salt, and features a guest piano appearance by Keith Brown. 

Tuning: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb (Half Step Down)

Chords used: G, Em, Am, D, Dsus4, C, Bm 

Hint: To play the Dsus4 chord just put your trusty pinky on 3rd fret 
of the high E string while keeping the D chord position.

Key: (JI)= James Iha, (NG)= Nina Gordon, (J&N)= Both

Intro:|-----------------||-----------------||-----------------||-5---4---2---0---||---5---5---5---5-||-----------------| then G x2
Em Am D Dsus4 D (JI) You should know that I love you.........
Em Am D Dsus4 D We should love like lover's do..........
Em Am D And I can't help but fall for you
C CAh honey I'm just a fool, now you know
Em Am D Dsus4 D (NG) Darling, I'll never be true........
Em Am D Dsus4 D You see, for so long I was blue, (JI) I'm not the only one
Em Am D (NG) And if I hurt, then you will, too
C CAh honey I always lose, now you know
G Bm(J&N) Lover, when will you?
D C(JI) I'm so afraid that no one cares
G Bm(J&N) Lover, can't find you
D C(JI) I swear to God don't leave me here
C(J&N) Now you know
Am D G G
Em Am D(J&N) Oh, you know that it can't be
Em Am D But no one else here really means... (JI) Anything to me
Em Am Dsus4 D G(J&N) If you hurt inside, if you confide in me again
Bm(NG) Since you ran away
C C C D(JI) Hold me now, tell me how, love is ours......
G Bm (J&N) Lover, when will you?
D CI'm so afraid that no one cares
G BmLover, can't find you
D CAnd no one knows what brings us here
G BmLover......
C(JI) Hold me now, (NG) Hold me now
C(JI) Tell me how
C(J&N) Love is ours
Outro: G x6 End on G ===================================================================== Any comments email
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