Smashing Pumpkins - Astral Planes tab version 1

Good song from the new album/project Teargarden by Kaleidyscope! Uses standard tuning.
of G, Played with both G major and (I think it's called?) a Prometheus scale (it's quite
but it works. Screw around with the D Prometheus scale and it fits, especially the verse 
First song in a long time that sounds like something the Smashing Pumpkins would
:D. This tab is not timed, so listen to the song to figure out the timings. It isn't hard.

Main guitar riff:

At every other interval replace the last chord with D5.
"Everyone gather on your soul"E|---------------------------------|B|---------------------------------|G|--5--4--5--4---------------------| x3D|--------------6------------4-----|A|-----------------7------7-----5--|E|---------------------------------|
"Your soul - everyone, everyone"E|------------------------------|B|------------------------------|G|------------------------------|D|--2------------------2--4--6--|A|-----2------2--3--5-----------|E|------------------------------|
"Everyone, everyone, everyone, everyone, everyone, YEAH"E|----------------------------------------------------0--|B|----------------------1--2--4----2--4--5--4--5/7----0--|G|----------------------------------------------------9--|D|-----------2--4--6----------------------------------9--|A|--2--3--5-------------------------------------------7--|E|-------------------------------------------------------|
For the YEAH solo part, use the G major scale to improvise.
"Faraway lights..." G, F#, F, EmE|--3--2--1--0--|B|--3--2--1--0--|G|--4--3--2--0--|D|--5--4--3--2--|A|--5--4--3--2--|E|--3--2--1--0--|
Same as the the yeah part, the improv in the background is the G major scale.
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