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--Title: Spangled
--Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins
--Release: Teargarden by Kaleidoscope
--Last updated: 10/2/2010

--Transcription by: J Elliott Dozier

--Tuning: EADGBE (Standard tuning)

--NOTE: This is how Billy plays the song acoustic live, which is 
--very similar to the album version with a few small discrepancies 
--from show to show. I have not included solo or synth fills. 
--Rhythm is quite simple and will not be included here.


How I love you isn't fair |-----------------------------------||--5---5---4---4---3---3---3---3----||----0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0--||-----------------------------------||--3-------3-------2-------1--------||-----------------------------------|
God must want me next to you there|--0------(3)------1-------0--||--1------(3)------1-------0--||--2-------0-------2-------0--||--2-------0-------3-------2--||--0-------2-------3-------2--||----------3------(1)------0--|
And if I show up to disappear|------6------------------||--------6-----6-------4--||----------------0---3----||----5-------0------------||--6-------5-------4------||-------------------------|
Will you find me half as near?|---------------------------||--5---5---3---3---3---3----||----0---0---0---0---0---0--||---------------------------||--3-------2-------1--------||---------------------------|
Tangled in your body... Spangled by the night time stars...|--0-0-0-0----0----0-----0-0-0-0----0----3--||--1-0-3-0----3----0-----1-0-0-0----0----3--||--2-2-2-0----2----0-----2-2-0-0----0----0--||--2-2-2-2----0----2-----3-3-3-0----2----0--||--0-0-0-0----2----2-----3-3-3-3----2----2--||------------------0----------------0----3--|
Of all the lovers to be a friend, I'll come back when you know me...And it's a sad state of happiness if I confess to my loneliness...x2|--0----0----6----6---(4)---1----0--0-0--||--3----1----6----6---(4)---1----1--1-1--||--3----2----0----0----6----2----2--2-2--||--3----2----5----0----6----3----2--2-2--||--1----0----6----5----4----3----0----0--||---------------------------1-------3----|
Tangled in your body...Spangled by the night time stars...Tangled in your body...Spangled by the night time stars...x2|--0-0-0-0----0----0-----0-0-0-0----0----3--||--1-0-3-0----3----0-----1-0-0-0----0----3--||--2-2-2-0----2----0-----2-2-0-0----0----0--||--2-2-2-2----0----2-----3-3-3-0----2----0--||--0-0-0-0----2----2-----3-3-3-3----2----2--||------------------0----------------0----3--|
How I've loved you so...It's how I've loved you so...x2|-----------------------------||--5---5---4---4---3---3------||----0---0---0---0---0---0----||-----------------------------||--3-------3-------2----------||--------------------------0--|
Butterflies don't fly...Broken hearts don't cry, no no...x2|--6-------6---6--||--6-------6---6--||--0-------0---0--||--5-------0---0--||--6-------5---5--||--------------6--|
How I've loved your body, baby...How I've loved your sapphires and rubies...Butterflies don't make it in movies...x3|--0---0-0-----0-0---0--||--1---3-1-----1-1---0--||--2---2-2-----2-0---0--||--2---2-2-----3-3---2--||--0---0-0-----3-3---2--||--------------------0--|
How I've loved you so...God I love you so...God I love you so...x3|--6-------6---0--||--6-------6---1--||--0-------0---2--||--5-------0---3--||--6-------5---3--||-----------------|
THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! b - bend r - release gb - gradual bend gr - gradual release h - hammer on p - pull off T - trill W - whammy bar dive \ - slide down / - slide up x - mute X\ - pick slide ~~~ - vibrato *7 - artificial harmonic *7* - natural harmonic ... - palm mute (0) - optional note XXX - tremolo pick alt - variation of riff> LYRICS: How I love you Isn't fair God must want me Next to you there And if I show up To disappear Will you find me Half as near? Tangled in your body Spangled by the night time stars Of all the lovers To be a friend I'll come back when You know me And it's a sad state Of happiness If I confess To my loneliness Tangled in your body Spangled by the night time stars Tangled in your body Spangled by the night time stars How I've loved you so It's how I've loved you so Butterflies don't fly Broken hearts don't cry, no no How I've loved your body, baby How I've loved your sapphires and rubies Butterflies don't make it in movies How I've loved you so God I love you so God I love you so
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