Smashing Pumpkins - The Tale Of Dusty And Pistol Pete chords

Smashing Pumpkins - Tale Of Dusty And Pistol Pete

use capo on 2nd fret

[D] Dusty [A] screams, through [F#m] doors and [A] imaginary [F#m] floors 
"Why can't you [E] miss me?" 
[D] Pistol [A] Pete [F#m] removes the [A] final breaths from her [F#m] unkind and she is [E] shaken

What does this [F#m] mean in love or in [G#m] peace? 
With you lying next to [F#m] me 
So faithless [G#m] serene 
And she [A] calls [F#m] to [B] him 

Let the [B] waste cross the ancient [F#m] trails to [A] you 
[B] Far out beneath the sorrow [F#m] clouds [A]
Let them [B] taste the bitter lost [F#m] mistake of [A] you 
Let them [G#m] cry out through your rusted [A] scars 

repeat chords from verse 1 in verse 2

Chorded by: Roithy
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