Smashing Pumpkins - Bleeding The Orchid tab

Hey people! this is my interpretation for Bleeding the orchid, an amazing new song from 
Pumpkins last album "Zeitgeist"

Hope you like it ;)

Standard SP tuning (Eb)

Keyboard Intro: A F Em G

Pre-verse x2

Verse x2 (you also can play by chord A F Em G F A F Em )
Pre-chorus Strum C F G F C F G G Chorus Same as Pre-verse A F Em G x3 A F Then Start the first solo 2 guitar plays A F Em G Play this x2
Verse 2 x 2 A F Em G F A F Em Pre-verse x2 C F G F Chorus 2 A F Em G---x3 A F Interlude (F) Dm C ---Keyboard Guitar enter- (Not sure about the F chord) Em Dm C F Lead
The strum Em Chorus 3 A F Em G x4 Outro F Dm A C F Dm A F Dm A C F Dm Start the final solo The solo start like the mini solo i write up the page, A F Em G F Dm A C F Dm A F Dm A C F Dm A end on F
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