Smile Empty Soul - Californias Lonely tab

okay so I've checked several versions of this song and all fails sooooo I'm putting up my own.

the verse is pretty much just a variation of these 3 chords so I'm sure you can figure it out
Chorus:eb|-----------------------| you can figure out the rhythm its very simple. Bb|-----------------------| Gb|---5-----7----9--------|Db|---3-----5----7----(10)|Ab|---3-----5----7----(10)|Db|---3-----5----7----(10)|
NOTE: only do the part in parentheses on the distorted chorus.
Bridge:eb|-------7-7--5---0-0--0--0--0---1p0--0--0--0---1p0--0--0--0--|Bb|-------5-5--5---1p0--0--0--0---3-3--3--3--3---3-3--3--3--3--|Gb|-------5-5--5---2-2--2--2--2---2-2--2--2--2---2-2--2--2--2--| X2Db|----------------3-3--3--3--3---0-0--0--0--0---0-0--0--0--0--|Ab|-----0----------0-0--0--0--0--------------------------------|Db|------------------------------------------------------------|
back to the chorus and the repeat the intro and end... Well its not the damn thing but a whole lot better than what I've seen anyway comment and rate please. thanks much By: SmileAndDie
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