Smile Empty Soul – I Want My Life tab

This is my first tab email me and leave comments please this tab should be close to 100% 
am missing some parts
i will update when if i find them  my email is    This is one 
my fav bands and i love this song i couldn't find a good tab so i made this one it 
better then the other tabs i have found

\ slide

Intro (finger pick)i-----0--------------------------------------------|ii-3-----3---8----7---7-----------------------------|ii---0----0---0-----0---5-0-5/4-0---4---9-0---7-----|ii---------0----------------------------------------|ii-2---2-----7--7-5-----0---0-----0---0-7---7-------|ii--------------------------------------------------|i
Chords Used
b e d c ai-----l----l----l----l-----l------------------|ii---3-l--o-l--0-l--1-l--1--l------------------|ii---0-l--9-l--7-l--0-l--0--l------------------|ii---0-l--x-l--0-l--2-l--2--l------------------|ii---2-l--7-l--5-l--3-l--0--l------------------|ii-----l----l----l----l-----l------------------|i
Verse Goes B E D C A B repeat choras goes B A C A D repeat Ending
Lyrics I try to be the man i am in times of broken lives and shatterd dreams and plans standing up to fight the pressure and demands stairing at the knife and holding in your hand what used to be your life This world is crazy, my dreams are fading, no one can save me I want my life You fight your fucked up holy wars fire antichrist jesus will come down and help us win tonight now how should i feel i think i feel alright so tell me where to aim im blinked by the light and when i wake up you'll be here and it will be the way it was the way it was
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