Smiths – Miserable Lie tab

brilliant song
thanks to whoever submitted the bass tab for this
it helped me figure out the guitar part =]

either tune up to F# or put a capo on 2nd
i personally have a capo on second

Intro:F#----0-------------0---------------0-------------0--------------|C#-3----1-0---0--3----1-0---0----3----1-0---0--3----1-0---0------|A ---0------0------0------0---0----0------0------0------0---0----|E ---------------------------------------------------------------|B ---------------------------------------------------------------|F#---------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse: these chords are with a capo on 2nd Am C G I know i need hardly say F G Am C G F G how much i love your casual way Am C G oh but please put your tounge away F G Am C G F G a little higher and were well away and so on.. best to just pick notes in these chords instead of strumming them to get the unique sound amazing song johnny marr is immense
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