Smiths – Half A Person tab ver. 2

Marr, multiple guitars, pain in the arse...
Transcribed for relative BEGINNERS/INTERMEDIATE, hence plenty of explanation.

Watch for strumming, accentuation of certain strums to get it to sound right etc. Play
at the right volume and you'll know when it doesn't sound right, rhythm wise.


Intro Fingering for the G6's/7's: ring finger on the fat E, middle on the A, 4th and 1st on the B + skinny E string. *Read the chords carefully, you should see 4 changes, strummed 6 times. (2) Use the intro pattern for the main part of the verses, obviously strumming more on E etc. (I alternate the E with an E7 - just remove 3rd finger from D string and then roll back the E by putting back the 3rd finger - just for colour. You'll know when to do it). (3) First change from that ("Two, long, years... etc).
e--7--|--5--|--5--|--5--|--3--|B--7--|--5--|--5--|--5--|--3--|G--7--|--6--|--7--|--6--|--4--|D--9--|--x--|--x--|--x--|--5--|A--9--|--7--|--7--|--7--|--5--|E--7--|--5--|--5--|--5--|--3--| Bm A7 A7sus4 A7 G* Two * Loooooooooong *Years
These are all bar chords. The final chord (Years) is, of course, strummed multiple Work it out! (Where 'x' = mute: just relax the first finger bar around that string. Dead easy. You really need to mute the 7th fret D string IF you just use your little finger to bar the fret alternation - i.e. fret the 7th D with your little finger and flatten it to fret string on the 7th fret, then lift off: you know what I mean! Alternately, just play the bit as one simple A maj bar chord). **The very next two chords are E and A. You might want to do another alternating bit the E chord - to mimic the second guitar. To do this, just add the little finger to the G on the 2nd fret for one strum and then lift off, then go into the A. Simple.** (4) Going into the chorus: "And if you have five seconds to spare".
e--2--|--2--|--2--|--3--|--3--|--2--|--0--|B--2--|--2--|--2--|--3--|--3--|--3--|--2--|G--2--|--3--|--3--|--4--|--4--|--2--|--2--|D--4--|--4--|--4--|--5--|--5--|--0--|--2--|A--4--|--4--|--4--|--5--|--5--|--x--|--0--|E--2--|--2--|--2--|--3--|--3--|--x--|--x--| F#m F# G D AStrummed more or less as the chord diagram shows.(Though you could throw in a bit of muted 'chack', the way you sometimes do when playingespecially after the barred G chord - **in fact you might play that G 3 times, not twoshown in the diagram, but the 3rd time really briefly just before going into the D chord).
"Then I'll tell you the story of my life"
(As previous) G Gsus4 G Again, on the last three strums of this bit, just start with the barred G, then flatten little finger to make the change from 4th string 4th fret to 4th string 5th fret and un-flatten little finger to go back to the G. (Alternatively, just make a normal open G chord and go to an open C - or slightly C the way I do it). (5) Chorus
(i) "16 clumsy and shy, I went to London and I..."e--2--|--0--|--2--|--7--|--3--|B--3--|--3--|--2--|--7--|--3--|G--2--|--3--|--3--|--7--|--4--|D--0--|--3--|--4--|--9--|--5--|A--x--|--0--|--4--|--9--|--5--|E--x--|--x--|--2--|--7--|--3--|
Play along for the strumming pattern. Again, I've put the Bm up on the 7th fret, helps the overlayed guitar and I think it's right anyway - but you could just play it barred at 2nd fret thus:
e--2--|B--3--|G--4--|D--4--|A--2--|E--2--| Bm
If you want to add a bit of colour and hint at the second guitar: when you get to the A - try adding the little finger to the 3rd fret of the B string and lifting back off: the to do this would be the last three strums of the A chord just before going into the next (F#). You could also mimic the vocal by doing a similar thing on the (just prior) D chord, add little finger to the 3rd fret on the skinny E string ("Clum - sy"), but it sounds a bit corny.
(ii) "... I booked myself into the Y.W.C.A..."e--2--|--0--|--2--|--2--|B--3--|--3--|--2--|--2--|G--2--|--3--|--2--|--3--|D--0--|--3--|--4--|--4--|A--x--|--0--|--4--|--4--|E--x--|--x--|--2--|--2--| D A F#m F# "y" "w,c" "a"
Then just go back to the intro chords, maybe simplify the opening changes around the G - play G7 and E, especially if you're singing along because it could be a bit complicated wise. See what suits. Experiment with the chord voicing. I think that's more or less repeated throughout the song - all the chords are there to out any further changes and this is getting loooong. :)
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