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Smiths – Well I Wonder tab

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From: jdlantos@world.std.com (Jim D Lantos)

Well I wonder / The Smiths (Meat is Murder)

Intro:Bm7(+9)   Gmaj7(+9)   Bm7(+9)   Gmaj7(+9)   Bm7   A  Bm7  GMaj7(+9)

D		     F#m	    Bm7		      A  Bm7
	Well I wonder...do you hear me when you sleep?

 Gmaj7(+9)	 A  G A
I...hoarsely cry

D		     F#m	   Bm		   A  Bm
	Well I wonder...do you see me when we pass?

 Fmaj7(+9)   A   G A	Em
I...half die

		      Gmaj7(+9)     A   G A  Em
Please keep me in mind...

		      Gmaj7(+9)	    A   G A
Please keep me in mind.

Bm7(+9)		Gmaj7(+9)

D	F#m		 Bm7		 Gmaj7(+9)
	Gasping...but somehow still alive.

	    Em			   Gmaj7(+9)  A	  G  A	D     F#m
This is the fierce last stand of all I am........gasping dying

       Bm7		 Gmaj7(+9)
but some-how still alive

	  Em		    Gmaj7(+9)	A   G A	   Em        Gmaj7(+9)
This is the final stand of all I am	    Please...keep me in mind...

Repeat Intro

Instrumental:D/F#m/Bm7/Gmaj7(+9)/Em/Gmaj7(+9)/A G A   Repeat this bit once
	     Em/Gmaj7(+9)/A G A			   ...And Repeat this bit also

...And that's all the book has.  If anyone has the TAB to the solo (or a
better-sounding version of this song) please post them as it is one of my
favorite songs and I'd like to get it right.


Bm7(+9)	    x20222
Gmaj7(+9)   3x0202
Bm7  	    224232 (bar 2nd)
A	    x02220
D	    xx0232
F#m	    xx4222
G	    320003
Bm	    xx4432
Em	    022000
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