Smoke Or Fire – Honey I Was Right About The War chords

               Honey, I Was Right About The War - Smoke or Fire

Tabbed By: Michael Hanns E-mail:
Tuning: EADGBE (Standard) Great acoustic anthem from 'The Speakeasy' Comments/suggestions/criticism welcome and encouraged. Chords are the same throughout the whole song except at the end. Timing is slightly different every other time you play the 4 chord progression. Intro: G, Em, C, D
GEight years ago on a summers night
EmOn the streets of L.A. was our first fight
C DTurned out to be the first of many more
GThe country was all in up rise
EmWho the blame and who to fight
C DWho to kill and bomb
GTo settle the score
GYou said "My love, at times like these
EmYou don't dare question the president,"
C DAnd I raised my voice to the girl I most adore
GI said "I know it's hard for you to see
Em CBut I will not blindly follow one who blindly leads
D GNo matter what the cause."
GThree thousand dead in NYC
Em CAnd now three thousand more across the sea
DNo-one can tell me what for
GAnd I'm not one to say I told you so
EmBut time has passed, and now we know
C D GThat honey, I was right about the war
Em (let ring) Rich man's chess game is called "a war" C (let ring) D (let ring) And the pawns they use are named "the poor" And no-one ever wins
GAnd I say for shame on anyone
EmWho orders young men to shoot a gun
C DFor these gods you all kill and die so easily for
GMy dear, the end is coming soon
EmNot for the Earth, but for me and you
C D GAnd every other soul who shares the world
C D GKill a million men, but ideas will still endure
C D GPeople were not meant to shoot for sport
C (let ring) D (let ring) G (let ring) God dammit, I was right about the war
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