Smoke Or Fire – Irish Handcuffs Acoustic chords

First time tabbing a song, this sounds pretty close to Joe McMahon's acoustic version though.


EWe struggle to remember.
AWe struggle to forget.
DNo strangers to addiction.
GWe're just drowning the pain.
EGood times with good friends.
AGood fights with enemies.
DWe'll struggle to remember,
Gbut we can't forget.
DEvery week it was a party back in those days.
AIt didn't seem to matter that we were underage.
GAnd the days go by....
DHave a shot and wash it down with another drink.
AIt did more damage at the time than we all could see.
GAnd the days go by....
Verse: Same as 1st We struggle with surrender. We struggle with regret. No strangers to opinions, just tired of the games. Broke ties with good friends. Broke bread with enemies. We'll struggle to remember, but we can't forget. Chorus: 7 days a week on tour we we're out getting pissed. I need someone to fill me in on the things I missed. And the weeks go by.... Have a shot and wash it down with another drink. On the road sometimes it's all that would help you sleep And the weeks go by.... Bridge:
E AYoung livers dying slowly
GThrough reckless days we've come to accept,
but we're not dead yet.
Bridge 2:
EWhen becoming men,
Aremember this...
Gsome never live, some never die,
but we're all here tonight. Chorus: Not as many folks around anymore to see. At least at weddings and at funerals we share a drink. And the years go by... Have a shot and wash it down with another drink. To tell the truth this shit is starting to make me sick. And the years go by...
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